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Mother’s Day Celebration at Bhavan’s Kindergartens
May 17, 2015, 2:11 pm

Mother’s Day is the right occasion to express one’s love and devotion towards his or her mother. Bhavan’s kindergaretents viz. Indian Educational School Kindergarten, Bhavan’s Jack and Jill School, Mangaf and Bhavan’s Pearl Nursery School marked  Mother’s Day  in the most magnificent way. The teachers elucidated the significance of this day to the children. They also highlighted the importance and influence of their loving mother in their lives. 

The teachers sang songs that reflected mothers’ genuine and unconditional love for their children. The walls were adorned with colorful Bristol boards that carried well-known quotes on motherly affection such as ‘God could not be everywhere; so he made mothers’ and ‘a mother’s love grows by giving.’

The children made beautiful mother’s day cards for their mothers using their own finger prints with lovely messages like “My dirty little finger prints I’ve left on every wall and on the draws and table tops, I have really marked them all, but here are some that won’t rub off, I am giving them to you because I am grateful to have a mum that’s just like you -  “Happy Mother's Day.”

The teachers assisted and encouraged the children throughout. The children were asked to present the card and to their mothers with a big hug and a kiss and say “we love you dear mum.”

The exuberant kids left the campus with cards in their hands and love in their hearts for their mothers. That exceptional sight nearly dampened the eyes of the teachers, but lit their hearts with elation and fulfilment. 

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