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Most genius hair tips
April 5, 2017, 5:16 pm

There happens to be an excess of some insane-sounding beauty hacks in magazines, so it can be hard to figure out which are actually safe and effective.

To help girls make the right choice, here are some genius hair tips and tricks.

Deep condition with a shower cap: While slathering a deep conditioning treatment through your hair before showering will give good results, it doesn't always fully repair super-dry texture. An easy fix: Your shower cap. A shower cap helps trap the heat generated from your scalp, and this heat opens the cuticle, allowing the conditioner to penetrate more deeply.

Use carrot juice to stop breakage: Carrot juice is key when it comes to preventing breakage. It's packed with Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, which are good for your skin and hair. Plus Vitamin C and E can boost circulation to your scalp, so take it both internally and externally to double the benefits.

Either apply the raw juice to your whole head on its own, or combine it with a deep conditioner to really kick it into high gear. Either way, your hair will be stronger and healthier after just a few applications. Pro tip: Do a patch test on your hair before applying the carrot juice to ensure it won't stain overly porous strands orange.

Remove build up from hot tools with nail polish remover: You know that crusty build up that appears on your curling wand after a couple of uses? Turns out, it can actually suck moisture out of your hair. Instead of breaking out the cleaning supplies, though, an easy fix is already sitting in your medicine cabinet. Make sure the iron is off and cooled before applying nail polish remover.

Use a powder brush to smooth flyaways: Powder brushes are genius for dealing with annoying flyaways because they won’t disrupt the style or shape of your hair once it's been locked into position. Simply spray a powder brush with hairspray and glide it over your hair in the direction that smooths the flyaways down.

Easily braid hair by starting it in front of your face: This technique works if you have long hair that is one length. This is because the braid won't stay together when flipped over the head if you have got layers. Also, your hair should have enough grip to stay together, so second (or third) day texture comes in handy here. Otherwise, there's always this cult-favorite texturizer.

Paint on brow product to create an even hairline: Cowlicks and odd growth patterns can leave people with a naturally uneven hair line, so you can use brow products to make the hairline appear even and straight. This is great for making a thin hairline look thicker, but be sure to keep the color the same as your roots or one shade lighter. One last thing: Be sure to blend meticulously.

Get rid of dandruff using lemon and salt: The anti-fungal properties in lemon make it a good resource for those fighting dandruff. Its natural acidic properties aid in clarifying and ridding your scalp of buildup or dead skin cells, and the salt acts as an excellent exfoliator. Not only does the salt loosen and remove flakes, it also stimulates circulation to your scalp so your hair grows faster. This hack is great for absorbing excess oil in your roots, however, be sure to only use the solution on your scalp because it can dehydrate the ends of your hair if used too often.





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