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Money saving tips: It is all in our habits
April 26, 2015, 12:04 pm

If you are one of those millions of women regularly facing financial woes due to poor money-saving skills, then read on.

Saving and growing money is not a miracle, but the product of a particular mindset. It is the way of life where women look to conserve money and not spend where it is not absolutely essential.

This may include things you ‘think’ you need but really don’t – like your expensive cosmetics or that leisure trip you were planning to take next month. Until your finances are healthier, cut down on the frills and keep only the essentials.

Also, only buy things you absolutely need to have. Get provisions from the local grocer instead of going to the supermarket and piling up your shopping cart.

Look for bargains and discounts. When possible buy in a group so you can ask for bigger discounts. If you can bargain on price, do so. Avoid paying full price whenever you can avoid it. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Learn to spend less time with expensive friends. You do not have to cut off your relationship with your friends, but do spend less time with them. And whenever possible suggest alternative activities that are not expensive. Some of the best things in life, like taking a walk in the park, are free.

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