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Money laundering issue tied to Indian nurses to be probed
August 31, 2017, 9:50 am

The Anti-Corruption Public Authority (ACPA) will soon start investigating the money laundering issue concerning Indian nurses quoting sources.

Sources affirmed that ACPA has taken the necessary measures such as addressing the foreign affairs minister, asking him to demand for information from the Indian Embassy to pave way for the investigation of the issue.

Sources said the authority intends to coordinate with the relevant Indian authorities in this regard. Sources disclosed ACPA receives and investigates all complaints and calls about corruption cases in a bid to uncover the truth.

Sources pointed out the decree on establishing ACPA stipulates the need to abide by the confidentiality code in order to maintain anonymity of callers, witnesses and experts. Sources said the Indian judiciary has been handling the Indian nurses’ financial transfer case since August 2015 and it involves the owner of an Indian manpower agency who was referred to the Public Prosecution in India. He has been accused of charging exorbitant fees — 100 times more than the actual cost — for Indian nurses who want to work in Kuwait and other countries. These fees were transferred to his account from different countries including Kuwait, sources added.

Meanwhile, Indian daily, ‘The Hindu’, quoted a source from the central investigation office as saying that they managed to confirm the involvement of Kuwaiti officials in the case and they affirmed their willingness to investigate them.


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