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Mohamed Naser Al Sayer unveils the all new Prius hybrid car
February 20, 2016, 5:16 pm

Mohamed Naser Al Sayer, one of the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies held a press conference on 18 February, to unveil the all new Prius hybrid from Toyota at the Grand Avenues Ballroom.

Welcoming Toyota delegates from Japan and the region, as well as representatives of the media in Kuwait, Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO Al Sayer Group Holding, said, “We are going to introduce a new era of automotive technology as we unveil the Prius Hybrid. The all-new fourth generation Prius marks a further advance in the history and achievements of Toyota’s hybrid power technology.”

He went on to point out that for the 12th straight year Toyota won the most valuable automotive brand worldwide and the sixth important brand across all business categories in a new ranking of the 100 Best Global Brands for 2015 by Interbrands. Furthermore the Number#1 Japanese Automotive giant has led the industry on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) annual list of safety awards.

He added that Toyota continues to focus on the safety and peace of mind of customers and that Mohamed Naser Al Sayer remains committed to the strategy for steady development and growth in the Kuwaiti market with promising expansion plans. “We always aim to offer ever greater value for our customers through continued improvement and development based on our confidence in the Kuwaiti market,” Mr. Mubarak said.

Spearheading a new era in hybrid technology across the Middle East, Toyota announced the launch of the much anticipated Prius in the region. By far the world’s most successful hybrid car, the fourth-generation Prius brings ground-breaking environmental performance along with a striking new design, in addition to a fun-to-drive spirit that promises to appeal to eco-conscious customers as well as driving enthusiasts.

For his part, Johan Heislitz Senior Business Director Toyota said, “The new Prius is power packed with smart and futuristic technology. It is intelligent and will appeal to affluent drivers. Those who want to be unique, those who want to make a statement.”

“For eighteen years, Prius has continued to build a legacy of outstanding efficiency and innovation for hybrid technology,” said Kouji Toyoshima, Chief Engineer of the Prius. “It has always been a revolutionary car with a unique DNA. So, I asked myself: What is essential for the next generation? The answer was our development concept of ‘Beautiful Hybrid’. We wanted the Prius to turn into a charming, beautiful hybrid vehicle, while maintaining its essential qualities such as outstanding fuel economy.”

The first-generation Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Launched in Japan in 1997, the unique Toyota hybrid established a major industry milestone in vehicle powertrain development and sustainable mobility. The name Prius, ‘to go before’ in Latin, became symbolic of a car that was launched even before environmental awareness had become a mainstream social issue.

Anticipating the 21st century’s need for vehicles with exceptional fuel efficiency, successive generations of Prius have showcased Toyota’s commitment to environmentally conscientious forward thinking, and led the company’s drive towards the creation of the ultimate eco-car.

According to Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, “The Prius is a symbol of Toyota’s innovative nature and inherits the Toyota's legendary QDR (Quality, Durability and Reliability). Over 3.5 million satisfied customers have put their faith in the car to make it the world’s most popular hybrid. Toyota fans in the region can rely on the brand’s extensive and comprehensive support network to enjoy their ownership of the Prius.”

Combining improved aerodynamics, excellent handling and comprehensive safety features with an elegant interior designed to pamper its occupants, the all-new Prius represents another step forward for Toyota’s renowned hybrid technology. The car comes with a reengineered 1.8-litre petrol engine that works in tandem with a new lightweight and compact electric motor to offer unbeatable environmental efficiency and responsive performance.

The Prius is a superior hybrid and eminently versatile. Unlike most other hybrids, the Prius can be driven completely on electrical power or with a combination of electric motor and gasoline engine depending on the driving behaviour.

The car’s gasoline engine teams up with its electric motor to offer the best features of both. The hybrid batteries are charged continuously when braking and decelerating; therefore, there is no need to plug in a power cord – resulting in fewer stops for gasoline fill-up. The Prius also does not require any special fuel and yet drives like any other conventional car.

The new Prius builds on the environmentally-friendly credentials of its predecessors to achieve an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 26.1 km/L. Determined to broaden the car's appeal, Toyota has rebuilt the Prius from the ground up – overhauling its design, improving performance and adding personal touches both inside and out, under the developmental concept of ‘a beautiful car for a beautiful earth.’ The result is a sleeker, sportier form that elicits an emotional response from the outset. 

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