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Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Toyota launch all new 2016 Innova – Full of life
April 5, 2016, 1:34 pm

Mohamed Naser Al Sayer (MNSS), one of the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies recently held a press conference to unveil the all-new 2016 Innova ‘Full of Life’, popular multi premium vehicle from  Toyota. Johan Heislitz, Senior Business Director Toyota MNSS welcomed delegates from Toyota Motor Corporation, Koichi Ikemoto, Project Manager, Toshihiro Kuroki General Manager MENARO, Hironatsu Tanigawa Sales and Marketing Manager MENARO along with representatives of the press and media at the event held at Toyota Al-Rai Showroom.

“This event marks Toyota’s dedication to continue its journey with the introduction of ever better cars, staying ahead of competition at the same time always aiming to exceed customer expectation. We will be unveiling the full change new generation Innova 2016, Toyota’s popular multi premium vehicle. Market leading vehicle in its segment, the all new Innova is all set to reinforce its appeal with an even more impressive appeal. Towards the beginning of 2016, Toyota had set the momentum for new launches with introduction of the pioneering hybrid Prius in to the middle east region, following that we had several successful events,” said Mr. Heislitz at the opening speech of the event.

Toyota is once again redefining conventional notions of a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) with the launch of the all-new 2016 Toyota Innova in the Middle East. The new Innova, which can comfortably seat up to eight passengers, combines the essence of an MPV with the tough, emotional elements of an SUV to introduce the ultimate family vehicle. The global model debuted in 2004, and over the years, Innova’s versatility, impressive performance and excellent value have earned customers and admirers over the world.

“The new Innova’s design direction grew from my insights into the expectations of customers who desired not only its high functionality but also a stylish vehicle as well. The new vehicle intends to replace the conventional image of an MPV with a bold appearance that hints at the presence of an SUV. I am confident that this ground-breaking image will satisfy customers who are looking for something special. Its appeal is best expressed through its positioning statement: The MPV designed for ‘multi performance’. Innova has always remained true to its purpose as an MPV – delivering a spacious and comfortable journey regardless of the road or weather. We also took Innova’s Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) philosophy to a new level with this latest model,” says Hiroki Nakajima, Executive Chief Engineer of the Innova.

“The new Innova will not only satisfy existing customers who love its legacy, but it will also win over customers looking for a spacious and more stylish vehicle with additional features,” said Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation. “The model has received significant upgrades that extend beyond just its appearance. Our team had held extensive interactions with customers to determine the design and mechanical direction the vehicle should take. The new Innova has been built to exceed customer expectations throughout its model life. At the same time, it has been designed to not only protect the existing market but also pioneer a new category of MPVs. We sincerely appreciate the support of all our customers who have put their faith in the Innova over the years and we look forward to delighting them with this new model.”

According to Mohammad Al Anazi, Manager Vehicle Sales Toyota MNSS,the All New Innova is full of life, its comprehensive grounded on the values of Toyota quality, durability and reliability. The First generation Innova achieved tremendous recognition over the past 10 years. Second Generation Innova further takes this success forward, elevated in terms of appeal and aesthetics in addition to the impressive specification and driving dynamics. Innova is a popular multi premium vehicle in the Asia Pacific region, a leader of the segment. Its comfort and durability is unbeatable.”

Tough yet sophisticated design

The new Innova's exterior is carefully designed with SUV elements. The sculpted body is both stylish and impressive, aiming for a visual effect that makes the tyres look bigger. Subtle aerodynamic effects and more emotional colours also enhance the exterior.

A strong three-dimensional mass emphasises the shape of the vehicle, creating a stable and imposing appearance. The chrome-plated moulding of the trapezoidal grille has been designed to connect with the headlamps, while the side turn signals, positioned on the lower portion of the bumper, have been given distinctive shapes to accentuate the corner and provide a sharp overall impression.

The side view of the Innova is just as dynamic and sporty. The top profile of the side windows slopes down towards the rear, giving a flowing impression that balances the overall height of the vehicle. The shoulder line runs from the headlamps to the rear combination lamps to produce a connected image, while the front and rear fenders are structured to emphasise the presence of the large, sporty wheels.

The Innova’s wide, stable rear appearance is complemented by accents that create an advanced presence. The eye-catching rear combination lamps have been positioned higher up, adding to the sense of stability the vehicle projects and are emphasised by the structural theme of the rear. Aero Stabilising Fins have been added to the rear combination lamps – contributing to stability and controllability. The innovative shark-fin styled radio antenna adds a striking touch to the roof towards the rear, as does the high-mount LED stop lamp.

The 2016 Toyota Innova is available in a choice of six colours - super white, white pearl CS, silver ME, gray ME, attitude black MC and avant-garde bronze ME.

Spacious and refined interior

The wide, spacious interior atmosphere of the Innova puts emphasis on all the seats while also creating a silhouette unique to a high-quality MPV. Silver and woodgrain-patterned ornamentation are boldly placed throughout the cabin to exude luxury and elegance befitting a premium vehicle.

The steering wheel has a tilt and telescopic steering column and it is designed to combine the structural motif of the instrument panel with the luxurious elegant touches. This expresses harmony with the vehicle interior and a sense of luxury. The driver-friendly instrument panel enables a wide field of view and features a variety of accents and technology features to create a luxurious impression. Coordinated with the rest of the interior, the advanced driver interface also offers ample visibility and usability.

A 4.2-inch TFT colour Multi-Information Display allows the driver to access a multitude of vehicle information, important warnings and in-car entertainment. The display is positioned high on the instrument panel, only slightly out of the driver’s line of sight, allowing the driver to easily and safely monitor vehicle information while driving. It displays content like driving information, idling-stop time, Eco-Drive indicator (Eco Judge/Eco Wallet), navigation display function and audio operation function. The new Innova also has a 6-speaker specialised audio equalizer to achieve low-distortion playback at low range and a clear playback at middle to high range.

The seating arrangement is made up for up to eight passengers including the driver based on the second-row options. The car is available with 8-seat (60/40 split, fold-down seats for second row) configuration option. Further, all the seats are a comfortable and satisfying place to spend time, with a host of refined features, especially in the second row, to accommodate the driver’s demand of an active lifestyle. Ergonomic shapes and materials combine with optimal seat firmness to provide second-row seat passengers with enhanced ride comfort, and the flexible seat arrangement also allows for easy folding and stowing with an easy-to-reach hook to increase luggage compartment space and allow for one-touch operation. Seatback tables for the second-row seats have been integrated into the front seatbacks and can hold laptops, drinks and other items. Head clearance has been increased by 5 mm for the front seats and 10 mm for the third-row seats – creating the feel of a spacious interior.

Various storage compartments have been made available to provide practical storage options for both family and business use. Device connections are in place to provide superior functionality and allow devices such as smartphones and laptops to be used freely.The centre console tray of the second-row seats features, a DC-12 V power outlet is integrated in the back of the centre console box.

The Innova comes with an all-new air-conditioning unit that helps maintain a cool interior – even in traffic on a hot day at maximum occupancy.

Enhanced performance and versatility

The new Innova is available with petrol and diesel engine options to choose from. The available petrol engine is a 2.7-litre 4-cylinder engine which produces 164hp and 25.0 Kg-m of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed super-intelligent electronically controlled transmission that delivers enhanced fuel economy and driving performance.

Sound insulation performance around the new Innova’s engine compartment has been greatly increased. Noise is reduced at its source and further isolated from the cabin to realise exceptional quietness that can be appreciated on every drive.

A new suspension, equipped with a proven double wishbone (front)/4-link suspension (rear) combination, enhances ride comfort on all road surfaces, from paved to rough. Advanced damping technology – which allows for driving force to be controlled in real time based on actual road conditions, thus reducing vehicle pitch behaviour – further contributes to a smooth, comfortable ride with less vibration and harshness.

Comprehensive safety  features

The 2016 Toyota Innova puts a lot of emphasis on safety and comes packed with a number of active and passive safety features.

The Innova’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) prevents the tyres from locking during braking and allows for measured brake-force distribution between the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle condition.

High-tensile strength steel sheets and supplementary materials are also widely used throughout the body structure to help reduce passenger injuries and impact-absorbing materials throughout the cabin further contribute to occupant protection. In the event of a collision, impact energy is absorbed and effectively distributed. The frame structure absorbs impacts in three steps, reducing their effect on areas such as the body, engine and interior.

It is also available with a full-colour display.The vehicle also features an advanced Pedestrian Protection Performance system where impact-absorbing structures are used for parts such as the engine hood, front fender and cowl to reduce impact force to the heads and legs of pedestrians during a collision. The 2016 Toyota Innova comes with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) for the front seats along with a knee airbag for the driver.

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