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MoI warns of hackers stealing information
October 13, 2018, 3:07 pm

Ministry of Interior (MoI) issued a warning to the public that there have been instances of cyber criminals hacking accounts and other personal banking information through social media platforms, especially WhatsApp.

Acting Director General of Public Relations and Security Information in the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Tawheed Al-Kandari encouraged citizens and expatriates to be cautious of messages and links sent to them from unknown sources through social media as hackers have upgraded and facilitated new methods to make it easy to steal vital banking information.

He emphasized that many sites are highly vulnerable and such untrustworthy sites with dubious content should be avoided. He added that people should not share files with unknown individuals, as it allows hackers to steal passwords to access personal data. He also stated the importance of changing passwords from time to time, and if necessary, to avoid using the same password more than once.

Al-Kandari called on the general public or victims of blackmail and internet fraud to call 25660142, stressing the General Department Cyber Crimes is keen on taking the relevant steps to arrest the perpetrators. He emphasized that the department is equipped with highly-qualified and well-trained system administrators that are capable of tracing the links to the perpetrators and referring those involved in cybercrimes to the Public Prosecution.

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