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MoI: vehicles parking in pedestrian crossings to be heavily fined
October 25, 2017, 9:20 pm

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced Wednesday that owners of vehicles parking in pedestrian crossings would be facing heavy fines starting from October 29.

This new policy came within the provisions of 169 Article on keeping vehicles parked away from pedestrian crossings, said the ministry, adding that the violators' automobiles will be kept in compound for two months and a fine of KD 15 (US$ 45.4) will be imposed as a result.

The violators will pay an additional KD 10 (US$ 32.7) for transporting the vehicle to the facility and will be fined KD one on a daily basis, the Ministry's General Department of Public Relations and Security Media said in a statement.

The article bans stopping or waiting in places of pedestrians or on pavements, the statement added. Article 209 of the traffic law allows the seizure of any vehicle if it violates rules and regulations, it noted. According the articles 208 and 210 of the traffic law, the department is not responsible for any damage occurs when transposing vehicles, it concluded.

Source: KUNA

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