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MoI employs Bengalis for manual labor, not security or police work
July 20, 2016, 4:11 pm

Contrary to what has been shown on the social media, the Minister of Interior employs skilled blue collar Bengali workers to carry out manual labor requirements of the Ministry excluding security and police work, a ministry statement said on Wednesday.

These Bengali workers are often electricians, auto mechanics, engine repairmen, painters, carpenters and so on and have nothing to do with the Ministry of Interior's security and police operations, said the statement.

They have been employed in implementation of an agreement between the Kuwait Ministry of Defense and the Republic of Bangladesh, indicated the statement, noting that about 293 of these workers and technicians have already started working in the Ministry of Interior.

It is expected that about 350 more will be employed annually for the next three years as per the agreement between the Ministry and Bangladesh, emphasized the statement while underscoring that these workers are all skilled in their fields of endeavor.

The ministry statement cannot stress more that these workers are not officially associated in any way with ministry security or police duties. They are not allowed to use police cruisers, only ministry service vehicles and vans.

Source: KUNA

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