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MoI busts bid to smuggle huge amount of drugs into Kuwait
October 14, 2017, 3:09 pm

Ministry of Interior (MoI) personnel have detained a six-person gang trafficking drugs and amphetamine pills from a European country, foiling a plot to bring in up to two million Captagon pills. The MoI Information Department said in a statement on Saturday that the criminal sector, namely the Anti-Narcotics General Directorate, succeeded in aborting a bid to smuggle into the country two million narcotic pills by these persons including custom and civil aviation employees.

An informant has notified the department about a plot by a person to traffic a large amount of narcotic and amphetamine pills, including Captagon, to the country by air with help of a group of people of diverse nationalities. The suspect was apprehended at a hotel in Fahaheel, with an amount of the narcotics found in his possession.

The trafficker, during interrogations, disclosed that an operation was underway to smuggle another amount of drugs via the airport, with involvement of two citizens, one works at the customs department. The pair were detained and 30,000 pills of Captagon were found in one of the two men's farm. The couple confessed to trying to smuggle the banned materials with help of others and revealed that a shipment was still at the air cargo facility. 

Inspectors searched the building and found luggage packed with two million pills of Captagon. The traffickers have been referred to the competent authorities pending legal proceedings against them. 

Source: KUNA

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