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MoI, MoE join forces to raise awareness on abuse of drugs
September 25, 2018, 8:53 am

Kuwait’s education and interior ministries are collaborating to introduce a school curriculum raising awareness over the social and psychological dangers of drug abuse.

Representatives of both ministries came together for a meeting on Monday as part of a national drug abuse prevention campaign, which highlighted the need to increase public awareness, especially among students, over the perils of substance abuse.

The meeting examined what more the education and interior ministries can do to prevent drug abuse, in addition to the measures that need to be taken to nip such addictive practices in the bud.

On these measures, both ministries said they include lectures and courses, in addition to social clubs, all of which reveal the devastating effects drug abuse has on behavior and the mind. They went on to explain that parents and guardians carry the immense burden of educating their children and leading them towards the path of righteousness.

Source: KUNA

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