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MoE holds meetings with MoI to prepare schools as voting centers
October 20, 2016, 8:56 am

Officials from Ministry of Education have been holding meetings with their counterparts from Ministry of Interior and other concerned ministries to prepare about 100 schools across all six educational areas as voting centers for the upcoming elections which are scheduled to be held on 26 November. 

According to an informed source, around 15-25 schools in each governorate, depending on the population density, will be used for this purpose. Governorates such as Farwaniya, Jahra and Ahmadi are more densely populated than others.

He said the ministry will form a committee to coordinate and collaborate with judges and advisors at Ministry of Justice, security operatives at Ministry of Interior and representatives of Ministry of Information, Ministry of Communications and Kuwait Municipality to provide all necessities to ensure successful elections.

The source said the nomination for candidacy will commence on Oct 28 and a series of meetings will be held between Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education to ensure safety and security in the selected schools.

Source: Arab Times

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