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Mistakes when air-drying hair
March 19, 2017, 1:02 pm

There are so many beauty tidbits you have heard about over the years, particularly when it comes to hair care. The air-drying hair trend is one you want to get right. One wrong turn and you could turn into an instant frizz ball. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when you air-dry hair.

You are using a towel:  Wrapping your hair in a towel the moment you step out of the shower is almost instinctual, but if you are planning to properly air-dry, you may want to rethink it. Aggressively drying your hair with a towel results in frizz and tangled hair. Rather, dab your hair with an old or unwanted T-shirt for a smooth and absorbent approach, then gently squeeze out the moisture so that your hair is no longer dripping wet.

You are not using product: Yes, you are air-drying your hair, but that shouldn’t mean you are not supposed to do anything to it. Air-drying does not mean being lazy and not putting products into your hair. Instead you should put a little gel in your hair as it air-dries and gently crunch the hair in your hands for texture. This will help set the hair, add volume, and reduce frizz and unruliness.

You are playing with your hair: Don’t run your hands through your hair or brush your hair excessively as it dries. This will cause the hair to frizz. But if you must, just use product before touching your hair. Your best option is to use a blow-dry serum on your hair as it dries. Add the serum and then comb through your hair — the serum will help cut down frizziness.

You are not styling your hair: Sure, you could wash your hair, apply a little product, and be alright. But to achieve the best air-drying results you must style your hair. Twirl your hair into a tight bun when damp. This will elongate and smooth your natural curl pattern. When your hair is fully dry, release your bun and finger-comb through lightly. You can also put your hair in two loose braids as it dries. Simply use a styling product with a lotion-like consistency so it doesn't weigh your hair down; then when your hair dries, or is almost dry, take your hair out of the braids, shake your hair around, and you will see loose waves.  But be careful not to keep your hair in the braids for a long period of time unless you are going for a very crimpy look.

You are showering before bed: To best pull off the perfect air-dried look, do not shower before bed. When you sleep, your hair can become tangled and knotty which leads to messy hair. If you must shower before bed however, try sleeping in a shower cap with some cream.

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