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Mistakes making your chapped lips worse
January 8, 2017, 2:46 pm

Chapped lips are the scourge of the winter season. By mid-winter, you are either biting off the dead skin, brushing away flakes, or giving up and accepting that you are just going to have to save the matte liquid lipstick for later. Even if you do take the initiative and stock up on your favorite balm, you might find that it is still not enough. There are other, sneaky factors making your chapped lips worse, and you won't find the solution in a tube. Read on for some mistakes you might be making that are the reason your lips are so dry and chapped.

Using the wrong formula: That lip-plumping balm isn't doing you any favors, since many of the formulas contain irritating ingredients. Cooling lip products that contain ingredients like menthol or camphor can cause skin inflammation and dryness.

Wearing Lipstick 24/7: Lip color is not exactly a priority in the winter months, since if you have chapped lips, you need to apply the balm whenever you head outdoors. Wear balm while you sleep and also apply before stepping outside. This protects the lips and then, you can always apply a color once you arrive wherever you are going. Or go for a tinted lip balm, a far better option.

Doubling down on balm: If your lips are under a constant layer of heavy lip balms, you could be doing more harm than good. Constant, chronic use of lip balms may initially help your lips, but they may interfere with the ability for your lips to function properly. Basically, dryness sends a signal to your lips that they need to produce more moisture. If you are layering on balm 24/7, you could lose those cues and your lips won't produce as much oil as they should—kicking off a cycle of chapped lips.

Too much scrubbing: If you have ever peeled dead skin off your lips, you probably know the value of a good lip scrub. But if you are using it on a nightly basis, you are actually worsening the situation. Don't overdo the exfoliation, once a week is good, or you risk irritating your lips and making them even drier.

Licking your lips: This seems kind of obvious: If your lips feel dry and you are stuck without your go-to balm— moistening your lips by licking them seems like it could be a decent fallback. Not so, for licking your lips if they are dry just makes the problem much worse. Not only does it lead to increased dryness, but it can actually lead to a type of eczema if you do it excessively.


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