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Mission of Gulf armies is no longer restricted to combat, says Kuwait
May 9, 2017, 12:32 pm

Major-General Ibrahim Salem Al-Omairi, Chief of the National Service Authority in Kuwait, praised the UAE Armed Forces, and its role in maintaining security and stability in many areas, including Yemen. KUNA reported his statement on the sidelines of his participation in the UAE Embassy’s celebration of the 41st anniversary of the unifying of the Armed Forces. He said the celebration of the UAE Army was a celebration of all armed forces in the GCC countries, especially Kuwait.

He added that the mission of Gulf armies was no longer restricted to combat matters, and now also includes humanitarian operations and securing of public interests in a number of friendly and ally countries.

He highlighted the readiness of the Kuwaiti army in light of "atypical and unnatural" developments in the regional surrounding, adding that there are annually programmed exercises in GCC countries.

Speaking about the participation of the Kuwaiti army in the legitimacy coalition in Yemen, he said that the country works under the umbrella of the UN, The Arab League and the GCC, and strives to work out peaceful solutions, according to these international guides. He also expressed his pride as Kuwait is hosting the "Eagle Resolve 2017" manoeuvres and other exercises that prove the efficiency of the participating forces.

The Gulf-American "Eagle Resolve" exercise concluded last Thursday with the participation of land, sea, and air forces in the Gulf, in what is considered one of the biggest military exercises regionally and internationally.

Source: Arabian Business

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