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Ministry shuts down store for sticking plastic eyes on fish
September 3, 2018, 4:44 pm

Kuwait’s ministry of commerce has reportedly closed down a store after its owners were caught sticking plastic googly eyes onto its fish in a bid to make them appear fresher, according to local Arabic newspaper Al Bayan.

Images of the fake eyes slipping off the fish to reveal yellow eyes underneath went viral on social media, with users mocking the unnamed store.

One Twitter user said, “A fine should be imposed for cheating, and a reward given for creativity.” Another said, “Why are you making a big fuss? The fish had weak vision; that is all."

The post on the newspaper’s Twitter account received 4.7k retweets, 3.7k likes and over 960 comments in two days.

Other fish shops in Kuwait also took to mocking the shop, with some advertising “fresh fish without cosmetic enhancements” and fish “without colored lenses”.


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