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Ministry battling with shortage of teachers due to decision by CSC
October 31, 2018, 8:33 am

Ministry of Education is battling with shortage of teachers due to a recent decision by Civil Service Commission (CSC) to suspend the ministry’s local contracts signed with expatriate teachers.

The daily quoting a source said CSC took the step because the Ministry of Education declined to consult the sector before signing the contracts locally with expatriate teachers in Kuwait, noting CSC acted in haste in reaction to a social media campaign launched after an expatriate who worked as an assistant cook was hired as a teacher.

They noted the decision may cost the State lots of funds in case the teachers who have been dismissed file lawsuits and the ministry is required to compensate them after dismissing several expatriate teachers it signed contracts with at the beginning of this academic year.

They affirmed that CSC rejected the appointment of teachers who worked in private sector with job titles other than teaching – regardless they fulfilled the specified conditions. Sources added the teachers were surprised with the termination of their contracts only two months into the new academic year, indicating many of them are facing difficulty after quitting their previous jobs.

They also said many of the teachers were obliged to travel back to their home countries to complete the recruitment process, while many of them changed their houses to stay close to their schools just to find out later they had been dismissed.

Source: Arab Times

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