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Ministers meet amid crucial changes in region - Official
March 12, 2015, 8:31 am

The Arab Interior Ministers' meeting here is taking place at a delicate time amid crucial and accelerating events buffeting the region, said a Kuwaiti official on Wednesday.

In statements to KUNA, Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al-Sabah, who is attending the ministerial meeting, said that at the forefront of the meeting's agenda is the issue of combatting terrorism "which has become a danger to all societies and is condemned by Islam and all lofty human values." Because of that, "it is incumbent on us to consecrate our efforts to fight terrorism, dry up its sources of funding, and protect our children from its errant slant and deviation from the teachings of Islam," said the minister of Interior.

He added that also high on the agenda of the meeting is the problem of illegal use of drugs which he said "is an anathema that targets one of the nation's most valued component, that being the youth." He emphasized that both these societal scourges: terrorism and drugs are transnational, affecting the whole world and endangering all.

He further said that "we look ahead to exert more efforts toward intensifying the level of cooperation among our countries' security apparatuses and continue exchanging expertise and information on all security matters to achieve safety and development for our nations."

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