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Minister, action taken against violating schools
April 19, 2016, 8:52 am

Education Minister Bader Al-Essa affirmed the ministry’s seriousness to take all necessary legal measures against private schools that are in violation of decisions. “We stopped the transactions of some private schools that are in violation, and were discovered recently, and we are waiting for complaints filed by guardians in order to act accordingly,” he said.

He said whether a school adds additional floors or not, it does not have the right to increase fees unless approved by the ministry.

Essa was speaking during a tour of some locations allocated to build schools in Sabah Al-Nasser. About Kuwaiti students who were racially discriminated against in the US state of Idaho, Essa said the cultural attach and the consul visited the college, adding that students there have several choices including moving to other universities, returning to Kuwait University or suspending their registration.

Source:  Al-Qabas

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