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Minimalist fashion tips
June 21, 2016, 3:50 pm

A champion of clean lines and neutral palettes, the minimalist trend has always been a constant in fashion. The face of modern minimalism is slightly different than in years past. Thanks to style upgrades and fashion twists, this stripped-down look feels aspirational in every sense of the word.

The new rules for minimalist dressing feature great fabrics, immaculate tailoring, and interesting proportions, which are all characteristic of this new wave of classicism. Here are some ways to incorporate the minimalist trend into your essentials.

Go for different textures:  Dressing in one color is a big part of minimalist fashion, but you can always up your look a notch by pairing clothing in different textures. Flaunt your style in a classic all-white outfit, but coordinate with opposing textures such as silk and cotton, or wool and leather. Subtle texture contrasts, like silk with ribbed knit, lend themselves to an on-point monochromatic outfit.

Work with statement pieces: Going monochromatic is not for everyone; if a single shade is too drab for you, find a tone that will offset your monotone attire.

Adding a statement piece to an outfit, whether it is a pattern, pop of color, or texture, is a great way to accentuate clean lines while adding a bit of your own personality.  If you are sticking to garments in solid, muted colors, a little variation is really important in order to keep the outfit interesting.

Wear things differently:  A minimalist fashion outfit need not necessarily be boring; it is just a matter of incorporating a fresh perspective into your outfit. Stick with a neutral palette and be more playful with other aspects. For example, you can produce a stunning look by pairing ladylike textures and silhouettes with a leather jacket. The black-and-white combo will really help with the contrast, too.

Remember clever cuts and lovely construction: Minimalism has a unique effect, in that it might look simple at first glance, but there is a rich union of shapes.  When deciding on a minimalist style, pick pieces that allude to an architectural influence to appear fashion forward and modern. Always maintain the focus on clean lines and skip the detailing.

For options, you can decide on a T-shirt and trousers that have the perfect amount of stiffness and volume. Or choose a baggy-but-fitted long-length trouser to go with a simple top that has one showboat element, like extra-long sleeves or a daring neckline.

Accessorize to the minimum: A life of minimalism is all about keeping your look clean — so stick to simple items. There are scores of understated shoes, bags, and jewelry crafted just for people of this sensibility. The key is to find pieces that are subtle and streamlined enough to wear every day — and yet still visually striking enough to make a statement when worn all on their own.

Moreover, the best necklaces for minimalists are delicate and totally layer-able. For example, a simple gold lariat can be worn on its own with a white tee; or, layer it up with other thin gold chains to spice up a V-neck sweater.


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