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Mini bag styling tips
March 29, 2016, 2:41 pm

Small fashion accessories can be pretty amazing, and the latest trend, cute mini bags are a treat to incorporate into your wardrobe. With so many teensy-weensy satchels on the market—funky colors, fun textures, unexpected shapes—there is an option for every fashionable girl. Here are some helpful tips for styling a mini bag.

A functional and stylish mini bag: A compact and light mini bag is perfect if you simply want one for stylish purposes and not for the functionality of a bigger bag.  Surfing through the many options, look for a mini bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap to slip over your shoulder or one in an elegant shape easy to carry.

Keep it neutral: Neutral shades of black, gray, white, and brown allow your mini bag to be versatile enough to pair with colorful outfits or any of the latest trends. Bring your focus on a simple textured mini bag with enough space to carry your basic essentials and one with a modern edge that makes a fresh and sophisticated addition to any ensemble. It should flatter most of your outfits from a casual pairing of jeans and an oversized sweater to the workplace-approved new power suit. In the spirit of the season, you may opt for a mini in a spring-approved color; think rainbow shades from pale to bright and nix the black entirely.

Spruce up your mini bag: For a coordinated look, match the color of your mini bag to the most common color or the theme of your outfit. Say a pastel mini bag is a defining factor in your pastel fashion ensemble; try embellishing it by latching on cute and interesting accessories such as scarves or key chains or even removable stickers. It is a great idea to dress up or dress down your mini bag to make it personalized.

Add a pop of color to your simple outfits: If you love the option of bright colors, the vibrant shade of a mini bag is a power piece that will ensure a stylish and current vibe, regardless of the season. Alternatively, you can choose to complement your outfit by focusing on a bag with similar tones or shades.

Neon yellow, orange, cobalt blue, hot pink, red, and even some shades of pastel are possible colors in your mini accessory for a relatively casual outfit requiring some oomph. For example, a red mini bag is a vibrant shade that takes a casual outfit from dull too fantastic.

Make your mini bag a part of your trendy statement: Trendy statements pieces such as tailored coats and avant-garde silhouettes are spiced up with the right accessories. To achieve a coherent look, go for a mini bag that is on-trend and reflects your style. Don’t simply choose the colour you like, there is structure, metallic accents and even overall design.  When you don’t have time to put on jewelry; a trendy mini bag gives the finishing touch.




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