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Millennial women are dominating their travel bucket lists
August 28, 2017, 10:59 am

Millennial women are conquering their travel bucket lists and not taking no for an answer. They aren’t exactly shy about proving it either. Whether it’s hiking Machu Picchu or going to festivals in Munich, you can find proof all over social media.

Around the globe, women are taking action instead of sitting around, and here are ways millennial women are dominating their travel bucket lists:

Millennial women are getting help from each other:  Women around the world have built support networks to help each other navigate travel. Female travel communities online are helping women learn about safety as well as cultural differences, especially as it relates to gender norms. Go to any female travel group such as The Travel Women and We Are Travel Girls and you will see women supporting women who are setting out to accomplish their travel goals. On any given day, you could see a girl in Stockholm inquiring whether it’s safe to travel to Egypt solo and another girl in Canada asking if it’s expensive to travel through Japan. Below those inquiries are hundreds of responses with resources and tips.

Millennial women are leveraging social media:  Women are leveraging social media to help inspire and check off items on my own travel bucket list. Popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter offer endless travel tips on where to go, what to see, and what to eat. If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and have no clue where to start, you can find answers to all your questions on any one of these platforms.

When it comes to accomplishing travel bucket lists, you can find advice by searching hashtags and locations. Prior to going on my first ever safari in South Africa, I searched “#safari” and discovered numerous tips to help me feel at ease and even more excited and prepared for what was to come. Pinterest has links to blogs covering world events and destinations including advice on how to be smart about traveling somewhere you’ve never been before. Millennial women are turning dreams into reality by leveraging resources at their fingertips.

Millennial women are finding focus:  Women are thinking big and setting out to accomplish things they didn’t know they could. Setting aside a travel budget and carefully researching deals is the way to get started.

Unless you’re a spontaneous traveler, trip planning will require booking transit, accommodations, and activities. Finding the motivation to remain focused should be easy if you are inspired by why you love to travel in the first place.

Millennial women are not making excuses: Women are not making excuses. They are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying something new. Travel bucket lists can be daring, exciting, and maybe a little bit out there. If you check something off, you feel even more inspired to take on the world.

Many millennial women are studying and working abroad. They’re seeing the world while making strides in their studies and growing professionally.

If they don’t have money, they find a loan or sponsor. If they don’t have time off work, they negotiate for unpaid time off. They make it happen by focusing on the positive, setting aside a travel budget and planning accordingly.

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