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Middle East Cities Compete to Claim US$1.9 Trillion in Global Value
October 12, 2014, 9:48 am

Middle East cities are competing in order to claim the US$1.9 trillion Internet of Everything value at stake over the next decade.
The Internet of Everything (IoE) – the interconnections of people, processes, data, and things – could deliver market through ‘killer apps’, led by smart buildings, which can potentially generate US$100 billion in lowered operating costs, thanks to integrated systems.

Additional implementations include gas monitoring, smart parking, water management, and road pricing. The global public sector value at stake is $4.6 trillion.

By 2020, when Dubai will also host 25 million visitors for World Expo 2020, experts are predicting the IoE could connect 50 billion people, processes, data and things. For instance, Cisco, the global networking company, which is currently involved in over 90 Smart + Connected communities worldwide, will, in alignment with Dubai’s Smart City project, showcase its solutions at the GITEX Technology Week.

By utilizing Cisco’s experience in Smart City partnerships such as in Barcelona, Spain, and Hamburg, Germany, analysts believe Dubai’s Smart City plans could create one of the world’s most connected and data-driven urban centers.


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