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Microsoft to warn users of 'state-sponsored' hacking attempts
January 4, 2016, 11:42 am

Microsoft has announced that it will be informing users if it suspects that a government organization is attempting to hack into their accounts. The measure includes hack attempts on Outlook and OneDrive accounts, as well as the standard Microsoft Account used to log in to your Xbox or a Windows 10 PC. 

Receiving a warning of an attack does not necessarily mean that your account has been breached, but only that Microsoft has evidence that your account has been targeted, and it is very important you take additional measures to keep your account secure. The company will not provide specific information about the identity or methods beyond notifying you that it has evidence that a nation state has taken an interest in your account.

Like most other online services, Microsoft supports two-factor verification, which means that no one will be able to connect to your account from a new device without first entering a code sent you by email or text message. You are also advised to use strong passwords and monitor your recent account activity for anything that does not match up with your own usage patterns. Microsoft's addition of a warning specific to specifically alert users to hacking attempts by state-sponsored actors follows the implementation of similar measures by Twitter and Facebook earlier this year.

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