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Microsoft to update OneDrive
October 12, 2017, 4:58 pm

Microsoft last week unveiled what it said were future changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service. The software giant said it is improving the web interface of OneDrive, with a cleaner UI and the ability to easily see what content has been shared with others with a new people card and information pane. The interface also includes tweaks to the folder interface.

OneDrive will also be updated with improved sharing options for Office, Windows, and Mac. Office 2016 will see the new sharing pane in the coming months, and it allows OneDrive users to share documents to specific people or those in an organization. These updates will also be extended to the mobile clients, allowing you to quickly see what content has been shared with others and who has or has not accessed it.

Microsoft is also making some other minor changes to OneDrive. ZIP file support will be included in the web view, and DRM or IRM files will now be fully supported on OneDrive. If you open a file on the web version of OneDrive, it will now open in edit mode rather than read mode, and the mobile and desktop apps will include sharing notifications when files have been shared. There are a lot of other changes for Office 365 users that can be checked out at Microsoft’s OneDrive blog.

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