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Microsoft to launch Near Share with Windows 10 update
January 4, 2018, 5:31 pm

Microsoft is testing a new Windows 10 feature labeled ‘Near Share’ that will allow users to share documents or photos with other nearby computers through Bluetooth. The feature is meant to make file sharing easy and is already out in the latest Insider build (17035).

A new Near Share option will be available in the notification center, and the feature can be accessed through the main share function in Windows 10. Files will be shared wirelessly, and recipients will receive a notification when someone is trying to send a file. Microsoft’s addition comes close on the heels of Google’s ‘Files Go’ app that was launched recently.

Alongside the new Near Share feature, Microsoft is also adding mute a tab to the Edge browser. Like Chrome, mute a tab will silence irritating auto playing videos or ads in a browsing session. Microsoft is also bringing Surface hardware into its Microsoft Store app, allowing Windows 10 users to purchase devices and accessories.


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