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Microsoft’s tries out adding voice dictation to Office
July 2, 2017, 3:53 pm

Microsoft is using Cortana’s speech recognition smarts to bring dictation to the company’s Office suite. The new app is simply named Dictate, and it is the latest project to come from Microsoft Garage, which is the company’s experimental software outfit.

Dictate is more of an add-on than app since you really need Microsoft Office to even use it. But once you install it, you will be able to talk aloud in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint and have your words automatically transcribed into the selected text field.

Currently 20 languages are supported for voice-to-text, and Dictate also supports ‘real-time text translation’ for up to 60 languages. Dictate uses the ‘state-of-the-art’ speech recognition and artificial intelligence behind Cortana, the Bing Speech API, and Microsoft Translator, according to the company.

Dictate, which started out as a hackathon project, allows you to speak out emails or a Word document, you can also use commands (“next line”) and punctuation. But with this being just a Garage app, Nuance and other companies that specialize in voice dictation software do not have much reason to be wary, at least not yet.


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