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Microsoft is adding more ads to the Windows 10 Start menu
May 22, 2016, 10:51 am

Microsoft is planning to double the amount of promoted apps in the Start menu with the upcoming Anniversary update to Windows 10. The software maker revealed at its recent WinHEC conference that the amount will increase from five currently up to 10 in the Anniversary Update that is due to roll out in July. Promoted apps are typically used on new PCs as links to encourage Windows 10 users to download Store apps, and different apps are promoted in different countries.

Some promoted apps are pre-installed, but Microsoft notes that they can be fully uninstalled and any promoted items removed from the Start menu. Microsoft has not revealed exactly why the number of promoted apps is doubling, but it is likely that the company is using it as another method to attract developers to its Windows Store. 300 million devices are now running Windows 10, and Microsoft is planning to issue a free Anniversary Update in July that will include a number of new features and improvements.

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