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Microsoft begins testing Windows 10’s Timeline
January 4, 2018, 4:56 pm

Last week, Microsoft released a big update to Windows 10 ‘Fast Ring’ testers, complete with the Timeline feature and the new window tabs the company revealed last month. Timeline allows Windows 10 machines to resume apps and activities across devices, enabling you to pick up where you left when switching between Windows 10 enabled computers, tablets or mobile devices.

The feature is similar to the recent Tabs in Chrome or Continuity on Apple’s iOS and macOS. Alongside Timeline, Microsoft is also testing out Sets — its tabbed window feature that allows activities to be grouped into a single interface. It is very much like tabbed browsing but for every Windows 10 app. Only Universal Windows Apps will be supported initially, with this extending to Office and win32 apps next year.

Cortana is also getting a new design in this latest build, with a new Organizer home. You can manage lists and reminders from this interface, and access all the skills available in Cortana. Microsoft is also bringing its Fluent Design to Windows 10. The taskbar, action center, clock & calendar, and share UI have all been updated with subtle changes. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 build includes a lot more changes, and the full list is available at the company’s blog post.

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