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Microsoft Surface Book – more than a tablet and laptop
October 19, 2015, 1:34 pm

No matter how you categorize the new Microsoft Surface Book, as a laplet or a tabtop, the two-in-one hybrid device, which unhinges to become a tablet or hinges together to form a laptop, sure impresses.

The Surface Book, Microsoft’s first laptop sports a 13.5-inch PixelSense display with 267ppi pixel density, Corning Glass 4 protection and support for pen and touch input. It also has a glass track-pad, a backlit keyboard, a pen input and a sleek, machined magnesium body. It features the latest generation of the Intel Skylake processor and an Nvidia GPU with GDDR5 memory. Microsoft claims it is the fastest laptop of its size ever made, and has 12-hour battery life and a keyboard that is said to be very quiet. The Surface Book starts at $1,499.

Like most laptops, the Surface Book has a hinge but unlike other laptops the snake-like Dynamic Fulcrum hinge connects the screen to the keyboard and allows you to adjust the display viewing angle. You can detach the screen and use it as a self-enclosed laptop, making it a real convertible design (or detachable hybrid, if you want to call it that). Despite everything other than the Nvidia chip being contained within the 13.5-inch screen, it remains incredibly light and functions as a light-weight, full-size tablet.

The excellent glass track-pad on its keyboard comes with edge-palm rejection so that it does not accidentally activate when you are using the keyboard, which with its limited key travel is itself a delight to use.

The Surface Book of course runs Windows 10 and will be available in configurations with up to 16GB RAM and 1TB flash storage and is expected to hit retail stores on 26 October.

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