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Mexico, prepared to deal with events of pandemic potential
December 21, 2013, 9:22 am

The Mexican Minister of Health, Doctor Mercedes Juan, participated in the 14th Ministerial Meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative, which is integrated by the Group of the Seven Most Developed Countries in the world (G7), and Mexico. The Mexican Minister of Health highlighted the commitment that Mexico has to strengthen its preparedness in case of events with pandemic potential.

Doctor Juan emphasized that even if the outbreaks of bird flu and MERS-Cov do not represent an international emergency at the moment, the interaction among the countries that form part of the Initiative is vital to respond to the global health threats. Up to now, there has not been any outbreak of bird flu or MERS-Cov in the American Continent.

Doctor Juan talked about the Mexican experience with A(H1N1) regarding preparedness, surveillance and response, and she said that the lessons that Mexico learned back then have been useful to improve the preparedness of the country to face other events of pandemic risk.

About antimicrobial resistance, Doctor Mercedes Juan mentioned that the action that is taken in Mexico is focused on surveillance and control of such resistance by improving control over the sales of antibiotics, which have to be sold with a medical prescription mandatorily.

The work of the Initiative began in November 2001. Its main task is to analyze preparedness and response against biological, chemical, radiological, nuclear events, as well as pandemic flu. Among the participants of the 14th Ministerial Meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative were KarimeKnufmann, Head of the Global Health Security Action Group, John Ryan, from the European Comission, Mitsushiro Ushio, from Japan, Rona Ambrose, from Canada, Beatrice Lorenzin, Italy, Daniel Bahr, from Germany, Frederick Howe, United Kingdom, William Corr, United States, Benoit Vallet from France and Keji Fukuda from the World Health Organization.

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