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Mexican celebrity chef participates at Taste of Kuwait food festival
March 25, 2017, 1:50 pm

Mexican celebrity chef Sophia Rangel was among the star attractions at this year’s Taste of Kuwait food festival, giving two exclusive cooking demos to a large gathering of food aficionados in Kuwait. Mexican cuisine is gaining immense popularity all over the world and Kuwait has become a very important international food destination. Hundreds of new restaurants with different cuisines and many with global outlets open up every month to cater to the wide and varied taste of the residents.

At the Taste of Kuwait food festival, Chef Rangel prepared simple yet tasty dishes showcasing the ease of preparation of Mexican food, while maintaining the flavor and unique Mexican taste. Chef Rangel is also a proponent of healthy eating, using less oil and spice depending on the taste of the local people.

Speaking to The Times Kuwait, Chef Rangel expressed delight on being in Kuwait for the second time.  She said that her food preparations and interaction with food enthusiasts went very well and her demos saw a good turnout.

Chef Rangel's dishes are gaining popularity here as she makes cooking simple and easy. Her traditional, yet innovative style of cooking, along with her willingness to experiment with new food trends, has gained her a lot of accolades among food fans worldwide.


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