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Metallic makeup tips
March 19, 2017, 1:03 pm

Just like any beauty experimenter, you must surely like to show your daring side, and what better way to bring on the edge than by going full force with metallic makeup. Whether it is a gold embellishment, silver shadow or gilded lips, heavy metal makeup is very wearable.  And we know just how to get the job done without going overboard on the shimmer. Here is how you can integrate this fun and futuristic trend into your makeup routine.

Rose Gold Shades: Because it has both warm and cool qualities, rose gold is one of those colors that happen to work on all skin tones and looks great for every day makeup. Wear it on your lids, lips and cheekbones. You can even dab some on your Cupid’s bow for a fuller-looking pout.

Silver Shades: Silver makeup really pops on fair-to-dark skin with cooler undertones. Play up your look by adding it to the inner corners of your eyes or layering it on over your cat eye.

Gold Shades: Gold is the perfect alternative to a traditional smoky eye and works wonders on those with warm undertones. You can lightly dust it on the center of your lips to create a gilded lipstick look or layer it on your lids for a smoldering, nighttime effect!

Copper Shades: Because copper has warm undertones of its own, it’s most flattering on those with golden skin tones. To really make your eyes stand out, look for a cream-based eye shadow with stronger pigment and blend the color onto your lids with your finger.


Start slow: If you are not quite ready to dive right into metallic makeup, start off with something simple. Replace your go-to black liner with a pigmented gold or silver one and just give your upper lid a thin swipe. You will be ready to rock more in no time.

Go for shimmers: When picking metallics, look for refined shimmers rather than glitter to avoid looking like a disco ball, and be sure to choose a color that best suits your skin tone.

Light application on skin: When adding metallics to your complexion, keep it light with a highlighter that has just a hint of sheen.  A light touch is key. It is so much easier to add than to subtract. So use the tip of your ring finger to dab the product softly, and instead of applying directly from the product package, eliminate the excess either by gently blowing it off or patting on the back of your hand.

Apply primer: Because you want to create a base for the metallic pigments to stick to (and to intensify color), start with a creamy primer to keep your look in place all day..

Don’t go overboard: Whether you’re featuring these metallic shades on your eyes or on your lips, you want to keep the rest of your look fairly simple. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra shimmer to your skin in the form of highlighter, just keep in mind that balance is key.

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