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Metallic eyeshadow - the hottest summer trend
July 16, 2017, 12:07 pm

Metallic lids are such a great look, because you get the shine and pop effect of the glossy lids that makes an impact. To avoid looking weird, simply stick to super pigmented formulas that shimmer and create a depth effect. The big difference with today’s metallic eyeshadows is that they are multi-dimensional and iridescent so they look very vibrant and add depth to your eyes, plus they can be applied in a sheer wash. The look can be bold and daring, but can just as easily be a more subtle statement for daytime. The soft shine you get really lights up your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.

If you are going to wear metallic shadow during the day, start by applying it as a light, sheer wash of color. Don’t forget to choose a shade that works with your complexion. Fair skin looks best with silver and platinum shades, while olive skin glows with bronzes and golds. If your skin is darker, the sky’s the limit or maybe even the rainbow. The hottest universally flattering heavy metal? Rose gold. It is the color of the summer.

The best tools for this trend

Primer:  One of the keys to wearing metallic eye shadow well (and all day—or all night—long) is prepping the lid so that color goes on smooth, doesn’t crease, and doesn’t budge. Start by patting on a longwearing, waterproof concealer or an eyeshadow primer. These allow shimmer shadows to adhere to the lid without sliding around or ending up on other areas of your face. Apply using your ring finger for a gentle touch that won’t pull or stretch the thin skin on this fragile area.

Cream shadow: These are more vibrant and pigmented. Color goes on richer and brighter to give more of a wow factor. It’s also easier to control than a powder (so less shimmer getting under your eye or on your cheek).

Powder shadow: Color goes on more subtle and sheer, making this a winner for daytime. Powder eyeshadow is also great to layer on top of cream versions to make them even longer lasting or to layer colors in an interesting, artsy way.

Fluffy eyeshadow brush:  Use this if you want a soft, watercolor effect—again, great for daytime or if you’re not quite ready to go all the way with metallic.

Shading brush: Reach for this when you want more control and are looking for more intense color. The brush holds and delivers more powder for a denser color application.

Finger:  Patting shadow onto lids lets you easily control color intensity and makes it easy to blend. Cream eyeshadow formulas are especially easy to use this way. But the oils from your fingers can break down color faster so be careful about the application.



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