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Message of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea
August 13, 2016, 6:51 pm
Message of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, H.E. Mr. Yoo Yeonchul on the occasion of the 71th Anniversary of Liberation (August 15, 2016) 
It gives me great pleasure to join the entire Korean people on this meaningful day of August 15 celebrating the 71th anniversary of liberation and the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Korea.
Korea has been able to safeguard liberal democracy and achieve today’s development thanks to our martyred forefathers who paid ultimate sacrifice for their nation’s independence, and our patriots who devoted themselves to building a nation. Taking this opportunity, I extend my gratitude and pay my profound tribute to them. It is indeed that the freedom, peace and prosperity we can enjoy today have been possible only because of the noble sacrifices and dedication of our ancestors. 
With lofty legacy and spirit passed down from our ancestors, we have risen above countless difficulties throughout the years, pooled our strength and written new chapters in the history of the miracles of the Republic of Korea. In this context, the Republic of Korea has become a beacon of hope for many developing countries. Now is the time for Korea to share our experiences with other countries and contribute to peace and co- prosperity of the world. 
There is no doubt that one of the driving forces of the “Miracle on the Han River” since the early 70s was the construction boom in the Middle East including Kuwait. The bilateral relations between the Republic of Korea and the State of Kuwait have made steady progress since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1979 and have recently reached their peak through successful exchange of high-level visits from the respective government. The Korean President made a state visit to Kuwait last year in March and the Kuwaiti Prime Minister paid a landmark visit to Korea this year in May, setting a new horizon of cooperation between our two countries. 
Korea-Kuwait “traditional partnership” has been mainly focused on construction and energy. Korea is the first largest importer of Kuwait’s oil, while Kuwait is Korea’s second largest crude oil supplier. This partnership is now expanding rapidly in all directions towards “innovative partnership” to include new areas like housing welfare, medical care, and renewable energy.  It is most encouraging to see that such expansion of cooperation is supported by increase in the people-to-people exchanges in education and culture, which can strengthen “interactive partnership” between our two countries. Korea-Kuwait Cultural Diwaniya Event and Korea-Kuwait Friendship Caravan, both scheduled in the second half of this year, will be good examples of people-to-people exchanges. 
The Korean companies and the Korean people residing in Kuwait have made a significant contribution towards national development of Kuwait and improvement of bilateral relations between our two countries. Currently, Jaber Causeway Bridge, one of the world’s longest bridge upon completion, is being built by Korean firms. South Saad Al-Abdulla city, now initiated by the Korean side, will be the first smart and environment-friendly city in Kuwait. Both projects will be the symbols of cooperation linking our two countries, transforming the landscape of Kuwait in both visible and invisible way. 
Korean people’s toils in these projects and others will surely make a humble contribution towards a better life of Kuwaiti people and a better future of the State of Kuwait, leading to improve our bilateral relations. 
Our two countries share many similar aspects, particularly in regard to their geo-political and historical circumstances. Kuwaiti people can understand the true meaning of liberation and share our joy of liberation and nation-building. 
It is my wish that Korea and Kuwait will go together forever towards peace and co-prosperity of the world and the better future of our two countries.
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