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Men and women view therapy differently
July 16, 2017, 4:27 pm

A new study shows that there is clear difference in how men and women view psychological therapy. In their study, researchers at Northumbria University in UK, described various psychological therapies to nearly 350 participants and asked how much they liked each therapy. The participants were also assessed about their strategies for coping with psychological problem, and ways they sought medical help for psychological ailments.

When the results were analyzed, the researchers found that the men liked support groups more than women did and were more likely to believe that there is a lack of male-friendly options than women were. Men also used sex or pornography to cope with stress more than women did.

The majority of participants expressed no preference for the sex of their therapist, but of those who did, men were only slightly more likely to prefer a female therapist, whereas women were much more likely to prefer females.

The researchers concluded that perhaps women liked psychotherapy more than men did, because of its emphasis on the sharing of emotion. And that, men liked support groups significantly more than women did, perhaps due to the emphasis on the sharing of information.


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