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February 8, 2015, 2:21 pm

Food: A fusion between Italian and Sicilian food, Melenzane (which literally means 'Eggplant') is the story  of Kuwaiti owners and Chef Nino Trapani opening up a restaurant offering an exclusive side into the authentic Italian/Sicilian culinary culture secrets. Its classic offerings include classic Sicilian Pomodoro Soup and a dozen varieties of soups, the Melenzane Pasta (served Italian style: in the tinfoil it is baked in), Melenzane Casserole, Ravioli Fungi and Filletto Pesce.

Atmosphere: Although, a bizarre looking restaurant (since the concept is based around mistakes), it is still surprisingly cool with chairs that are upside down or missing legs, tables on the ceiling, tables crawling up the walls and bottles hanging out of upside down drawers. Lounge music on the play.

Best Bite: Lotus Cheesecake

Best Bit: Interior. For the openness to the design, you can peek into the kitchen to see what is going on.

Where: Al Bida'e, Al Ta'awon St, Salmiya. Al Hamra Tower. Avenues Phase III Soku | 22467784, 22263112, 97299288 |


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