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Maurya Kala Parisar to Confer 5th Dinkar Awards & Celebrate Hindi Divas on 28th September 2018
September 16, 2018, 10:14 am

Maurya Kala Parisar with support of Indian Embassy, Kuwait is set to hold 5th edition of its annual Hindi Divas & Dinkar Awards ceremony on Friday 28th September 2018 at Indian Embassy Auditorium. The event is to commemorate Hindi Divas (14th September) and birth day of Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh “Dinkar” (23rd September).

Maurya Kala Parisar’s Hindi Divas & Dinkar Awards, running in its 5th year, are intended to promote awareness of Hindi literature and oratory among students of Indian schools in Kuwait. It includes competitions for students of class 6 to 12 and also felicitates students for their achievements in Hindi secondary examinations. Hindi teachers at Indian schools in Kuwait are also honored at the event for their valuable contribution.

Competitions are held in three different segments at the event:

1) Hindi Debate Competition for students of Class IX to XII

2) Self-written Hindi Poetry Competition for students of Class IX to XII

3) Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition for students of Class VI to VIII

Each school is also requested to nominate one student as Hindi Achiever based on performance in Class X (considering internal and external examinations in Hindi).

The tentative event schedule is as below:

Date: Friday 28/09/2018 Venue: Auditorium of Indian Embassy in Kuwait

  • Hindi Competition for students:                1 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Award distribution and address by guests :       6 PM to 7 PM

The competition details are as follows:

Competition 1: Hindi Debate for students of Class IX to XII

  • Topic to be circulated to schools by email 10 days before the competition date
  • School should submit participants in pairs (one speaking for the topic and the other against the topic). However, it is an individual competition. Maximum two pairs can be submitted by each school. One contestant each from two different schools will debate the topic at a time as follows:
  • 2 Minutes for the contestant speaking “For” the topic
  • 2 Minutes for the contestant speaking “Against” the topic
  • 1 Minute for rebuttal by the contestant speaking “For” the topic
  • 1 Minute for rebuttal by the contestant speaking “Against” the topic

Competition 2:  Original poetry in Hindi by students of Class IX to XII  

  • Poetry should have been written by the student and submitted along with the entry
  • An image of hand written poem may be submitted
  • Poetry to be recited on the date of competition
  • Maximum time: 3 Minutes for each participant
  • Maximum 2 entries are permitted from each school

Competition 3: Recitation of Hindi poetry by students of Class VI to VIII

  • Poetry can be of any Hindi Poet
  • Name of the poem & poet should be submitted with entry  
  • Maximum time: 3 Minutes for each participant
  • Maximum 3 entries are permitted from each school

Honoring Hindi Achiever:

  • Schools should select “One” student who has completed Class 10 in 2018
  • Selection should be based on highest marks in public/ board exam
  • In case more than one student has same grade/ marks, marks in internal school examination should be considered to decide the nomination

Guidelines for submitting entries:

  • Entry to be submitted only through school. Direct individual entries are not acceptable.
  • Maurya Kala Parisar can accept a limited number of entries from the wards of its members only in poetry competition.
  • Entries are free of cost and can be sent by email to
  • Entries should include name, class, school, contact number, email and

For Competition 2: Copy of the poem (Can be a clear mobile image)

For Competition 3: Name of the poem and poet (Do not send full poem)

Last date for submission of entries by the schools is 20th September by 5 PM.

Schools should nominate a teacher and provide his/her mobile number for coordination.

The prizes are for individual students. Teachers and schools will be appreciated for participation. The competition will be judged by those with experience in imparting Hindi education, reputed poets and authors of Kuwait.

All the Indian schools in Kuwait are requested to submit their entries for each segment. Schools are also encouraged to nominate their teachers to assist in organizing the event.

Contact persons:

Manoj Mishra (65032221), Sabir Ansari (60007401), Divya Ritwik (55011127), Nitin Prabhakar (96661632), Syed Shabih ( 55246406)  Nivedita Sinha (50103983) & Uday Prakash (65705480) or mail to


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