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Maurya Kala Parisar holds AGM and Winter Camp
December 20, 2017, 2:08 pm

Maurya Kala Parisar (MKP) organized their Annual General Body Meeting (AGM), during which Ramesh Kumar declared that the association contributed Rs. 4 lakhs towards flood relief this year to Bihar CM relief Fund and other NGOs and presented the annual report of the association.

Also, a winter Camp was organized on 15 December, for MKP members and their families at a Villa in Kabad. Early Birds became a part of the raffle to win a Gold Coin, with Shailesh Mishra winning the raffle. More than 120 members/ families participated in AGM and the camp. New Executive Committee for the next two-year term was also elected.

There were several games for young children at the start of the program. Other kids and equally enthusiastic elders started playing games such as cricket, football and badminton and enjoyed the other facilities present in the villa. Fun games for all the participants, kept the members and families equally excited throughout the program.

Then, the members moved to the main part of the program, Annual General Body Meeting. Joint Secretary Ramesh Kumar presented the details of all the events organized by the association during 2017. The year had been quite eventful and attracted larger participation from members. A few highlights were Maurya Manch 2017, Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira on the auspicious occasion of Hindi Diwas, Ethnic Food Festival, Picnic at Wafra as well as at Fintas, Meet & Greet at Rajdhani Restaurant and other get together events for members. Treasurer Vivek Sinha presented the financial account for MKP, along with details of all expenses, and earnings of 2017. Office bearers inspired members to share their experiences, and inputs of previous gatherings, to make the future get-togethers better. New members and their family introduced themselves and were welcomed to the association with cheerful applause.

After acknowledging the successful completion of the tenure for existing office bearers, the Election Officer Devesh Kumar presented the result of the elections conducted for the selecting new office bearers and Executive Committee members. The following members are appointed for a two-year term from January 2018 to December 2019.

President:      Sabir Ansari
General Secretary:    Manoj Mishra
Vice President:     Neeraj Ranjan
Treasurer:     Sujeet Sinha
Joint Secretary:     Divya Ritwik

Executive Committee Members:  Abdul Hamid Nakhwa
       Manikant Verma
       Mithilesh Kumar
       Mohd. Mahtabuzzaman
       Nitin Prabhakar
       Nivedita Sinha
       Priyanka Baranwal
       Raj Kumar Pandey
       Sumit Kumar
       Syed Shabih
       Uday Prakash

The outgoing association members were applauded for their tireless efforts during the last 2 years. The date 15 December happened to be the marriage anniversary of Abdul and Sana Nakhwa, who were wished by other members. Fun and games continued after a delicious lunch. The evening ended with bidding goodbyes to each other, with hearts full of energy, minds full of enchantment and eyes full of hope of getting such fun in future events.
Soon Maurya Kala Parisar will be announcing its 5th edition of Ethnic Food Festival to be held in 2018. The event will be open for the Indian Community in Kuwait to participate and exhibit home cooked traditional delicacies from the region along with innovative fusion dishes. Though, It’s not a cooking competition, the awards are given in specific categories to encourage participants. Last year 70+ dishes were displayed in the festival and stalls were also provided for the audience to enjoy some of the traditional foods from the region.

Registered with Indian Embassy Kuwait, Maurya Kala Parisar (MKP) is a social and cultural association of people from Bihar and Jharkhand (India) now residing in Kuwait.  MKP was founded in 1995, and in its 23 years of existence, have contributed culturally and socially to members and non-members. Philanthropic contribution and association to its social and cultural roots is what makes MKP a vibrant and dynamic association in Kuwait. Their programs are enjoyed equally by members, Indian Embassy staff and non-members.

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