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MasterCard appoints Raghav Prasad as General Manager
May 6, 2014, 11:36 am

Spurred by the company’s steady growth in the Middle East, MasterCard has appointed Raghav Prasad as the general manager for operations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. The new appointment demonstrates MasterCard’s commitment to driving financial inclusion, supporting a world beyond cash, and investing resources in key markets including Kuwait.

“In order for a business to continue growing, it needs to constantly evolve,” explained Raghu Malhotra, division president, Middle East and North Africa. “As a company, we continue to assess and develop our business model in an attempt to get closer to our customers. Part of this involves decentralizing our business as we look to put fully-functional teams in our key markets. It also involves investing in people and constantly fine tuning our efforts to ensure that we are always aligned to market needs.”

Prasad has over 26 years of global experience in consumer banking as well as the cards and payments industry. He has also held a number of leadership roles at country, regional and global levels with Citibank and RBS. In his new role, Prasad will focus on strengthening relationships with existing customers and provide strategic direction to grow MasterCard’s business across his markets. He will be based in Doha.

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