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Master the perfect winged eyeliner
April 24, 2016, 5:18 pm

Applying liquid eyeliner is one of the most challenging makeup skills to master. You cruise through beauty gurus on the Internet flaunting their flawless, graphic wings and wonder how they manage it.

As it turns out, there are a few key liquid eyeliner tips that make the difference between a perfect eyeliner job and an amateur one. Here is some advice on how to apply eyeliner and master a photo-ready flick every time.

Take your time:  The easiest way to step up your liquid eyeliner game is simply to set aside a good five minutes to do it right. Blasting through it quickly results in a mess, while carefully studying your eye and taking the time to cater to its contours will give you flawless winged eyeliner.

Find the right applicator: Just as you don't always use the brush that comes with your blush compact, don't feel obligated to use the felt tip applicator included with your liquid eyeliner. What about trying a small angled brush for a more angular look, or a fine-tip brush for a thinner, more precise line, whatever makes you feel confident will do the job right.

That said, if you are comfortable with the felt tip and have been using it forever, you don't have to switch up your technique. But if it is giving you trouble, try swapping it for a separate tool.

Stop tugging: This is a top rookie mistake. When you pull your lid during application, it causes the skin to bounce back when you let go, taking the eyeliner with it. Consequently, there are bumps, smudges and an overall uneven liner. Instead what you should do is leave your eyes open and relaxed. Then, anchor your elbow against the mirror in front of you so you can pivot with it as the applicator sweeps over your lid. This allows the tool to do the work for you.

Focus on symmetry: You are making a mistake by closing one eye while applying eyeliner; it is a surefire recipe for janky, lopsided liner. With both eyes open, apply your liquid eyeliner at a 45-degree angle, extending from your bottom lash line. Once you have drawn your angle, draw a line across the lid from the inner corner out, connecting to the tip of the angle. Then fill in the middle of the wing. With practice, you will find this creates symmetry every time.

Understand your eye shape: Believe it or not, the classic cat eye isn't flattering on every eye shape as lids come in all shapes and sizes — almond, round, hooded and monolid. Though a graphic swish-and-flick looks nice on almond or round eyes, it will transfer and smudge on those with hooded eyes or monolids. Instead, draw on a tight line against your top lashes with a thin wing pointed upwards at the outer corner.


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