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Masking under-eye bags
December 1, 2013, 1:08 pm

There are many reasons for the delicate skin beneath the eye to swell, including allergies, lack of sleep, stress and heredity. No matter what the cause, here are a few ways to conceal the unsightly puffy skin beneath your eyes.

Cover with a lightweight concealer: After allowing an eye cream to soak into the skin, camouflage the area with concealer, preferably one which is a skin-care and concealer hybrid that is full of eye-soothing products such as ginkgo, biloba, amica and candeia. Choose a formula that is lighter in texture as opposed to a tackier one, which tends to settle into fine lines and accentuate imperfections. Also, try to pick a shade that matches your natural complexion as close as possible. Buy a product with a waterproof formula that has staying power so you won’t get that midday creasing under the eye.

Blend with a brush: Never use your finger when applying concealer because most of the time you’ll end up applying too much. Instead, use a synthetic brush, which allows you to be more controlled in your application. If your bags are minor and you don’t need to cover too much, go for a shaping brush that is the perfect size for the rest of the face and also small enough to blend concealer under the eyes. For more precision, opt for concealer brushes that are flat, small, and flexible.

Vanish with a bronzer: Choose a concealer shade that is lighter than your complexion to brighten dark circles. But if you are addressing puffiness under the eyes, you actually want to do the exact opposite to make the area appear to recede. Therefore, after applying your concealer that matches your skin tone, sweep a bronzer onto the cheeks and then blend it with a powder brush upward into the under-eye area to make any swelling seem to vanish. Just don’t use a bronzer with shimmer in it, which will add light to the bags and make them look bigger.

Set with translucent powder:  Dust a translucent powder under the eyes with a splayed-out brush. You just need something wide enough that’s more feathery instead of dense; that way you get just a soft kiss of powder.

Touch up your makeup: To touch up any creasing under the eyes, on hot and humid days, take a single ply of tissue and gently tap it along the lower lids to blot away any greasiness. If you must use more product, use something portable and creamy, but never use a powder because it’ll make the area look cakey.

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