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Marina Hotel Kuwait organizes Beach Cleanup Drive
November 29, 2016, 2:11 pm

Marina Hotel Kuwait recently organized a beach cleanup drive at the Marina Public Beach to create awareness and emphasis on the importance of protecting the environment. Nabil Hammoud, General Manager, Marina Hotel Kuwait thanked each and every employee who took part in the drive. He said, “We are very happy with the active participation of our staff towards this worthy activity. This is a clear demonstration of their personal commitment to environmental protection.”

“Our aim is to encourage everyone to take responsibility for their environment through a range of affordable actions. We are very keen to support and participate in activities that foster a greener, cleaner and healthier environment. Through the cleanup we intended to not only pick up every piece of trash that we could reach, but also take part in educating the public on the responsibility of keeping the surroundings clean,” He added. 

The cleaning campaign began at 02:00 pm with the hotel team distributing gloves, t-shirts, caps and trash bags and concluded around 05:00 pm with a Barbeque dinner for all the participants.

The stretch of the Marina public beach was cleaned as part of the event. This involved the collection and removal of a full container of rubbish and debris including plastic bottles and plates, cans and several other items, leaving the beach cleaner and more beautiful.

Marina Hotel Kuwait believes strongly in the importance of environmental initiatives that have a direct impact on the community. The hotel encourages organizations and individuals to take part in these eco-friendly causes, helping to increase the level of awareness amongst the community.

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