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Marina Hotel Kuwait hosts ‘Extreme Sports’ open day for its employees
November 18, 2014, 3:41 pm

Marina Hotel Kuwait recently held its annual open day 2014 to reward employees for their contribution and dedication. The open day, held at the hotel’s private beach front,was organized by the Social Committee. Employees were invited to take a breather from the busy season and were appreciated for their efforts.

This annual initiative reflects Marina Hotel’s commitmentto its employees and is a wayof recognizing their hard work and loyalty. The celebration was themed 'Extreme Sports' and was attended by General Manager, Nabil Hammoud, who extended his appreciation to all employees, along with representatives from the management.

Mr. Hammoud thanked the attendees for their hard work and ongoing professionalism, efforts and contribution to the hotel’s achievements. He also encouraged staff to aim higher and to strive to excel.

Mr. Hammoud said, “We thank you all for your remarkable performance. You all form the fabric of our organization and therefore the key to progress is to develop, motivate and reward each and everyone for their contribution. This Open Day conveys a positive message to our committed staff that we appreciate their continuous efforts in managing their roles and being instrumental in our growth.”

Employees enjoyed the elaborate dinner buffet and an entertainment program followed by the distribution of valuable prizes.

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