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Marina Hotel Kuwait LOYAC interns share their experience
September 7, 2014, 12:32 pm

A number of promising youth successfully completed their training at Marina Hotel Kuwait. Having acquired hands-on knowledge of key functions across the various departments of the hotel, the interns were happy with the invaluable experience they gathered over their training period of 2 months.

This annual initiative by the Marina Hotel in association with Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LOYAC) reflects the hotel’s proactive contribution to the development of the youth.

The internship program at Marina Hotel encouraged interns to gain practical work experience in areas that strengthened their aptitude. The three students who received the training this summer were: Heba Galal El Salibi, Mickel Ezzat Ayoub Ishaq and Farah Tareq Abdullateef. During the training period, the interns understood the fundamentals of working within a hotel and in particular the housekeeping and front office departments. The students found the hotel’s team very friendly and helpful and commented that they would like to intern at Marina Hotel Kuwait next year as well.

Nabil Hammoud, General Manager of Marina Hotel, said: “Encouraging young nationals to acquire knowledge has always been a part of our agenda. We want to give eager and talented minds the opportunity to understand and practice the business essentials of the hospitality sector."

“Students get firsthand experience of being part of a team, and that helps them develop in character, confidence and prepare them in the future for whatever decision they make. We are lucky to have the opportunity to host such talented and ambitious students and wish them all success in their careers." further concluded Hammoud

The interns were allotted tasks and provided with hands on experience of a professional ambience with its daily functionalities. They gained invaluable insight into work-life and environment, while benefitting from a professional service orientation. At the end of their internship period, the interns were assessed and given feedback on their performance by their direct mentor.

This collaboration is an annual internship program which offers college, university and high school students the opportunity to acquire first-hand experience in the hospitality industry.

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