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Manhunt launched by Interpol in death of Filipina in freezer
February 10, 2018, 8:18 am

A manhunt has been launched by the Interpol to arrest and investigate a Lebanese man and his Syrian wife, the prime suspects in the death of a Filipina woman whose body was found inside a freezer on Wednesday at the couple’s apartment in Al-Shaab area, disclosed Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Pedro Villa to the Arab Times.

“We have met with the Director of the Criminal Evidences Department today and he informed us that the remains have been forwarded to the forensic team for autopsy and investigate the cause of death but as of today, they still cannot proceed as the body is still frozen as it has been in the freezer since November 2016 when the suspects left Kuwait,” stated Villa.

Villa added that according to the harris (building caretaker), the couple before leaving last November 2016 instructed the harris to look after their flat and not to open it as there are some valuable things inside.

Security operatives who discovered the crime had gone to the apartment on Wednesday to evict the tenant based on a court order, and when they entered the place alongside the landlord and caretaker of the building, they were surprised to find the corpse inside the freezer.

Meanwhile, Remy, a Filipina household service worker who lives in the same building told the Arab Times that she used to see the victim (Joanna) from the window on the fourth floor and once she bumped into her near the elevator.

“We used to talk to each other through the window whenever I was down. Her employers live on the fourth floor. The last time I saw her was in September 2016. I asked Joanna, how is she and she replied not good.

I asked her why and she replied that she is being maltreated by her employers, her salary was delayed and she was given only kuboos (bread) to eat. I even told her that I will take her to the embassy but that was the last time I saw her,” recounted Remy.

She added that she was in a state of shock on Wednesday when the caretaker called her and the police authorities asked her some questions about the victim. “We hope and pray that the couple who did this to Joanna be arrested and justice be served,” stated Remy.

Meanwhile, preliminary investigation revealed that the Lebanese sponsor of the housemaid was wanted for a series of cases related to dud cheques and he had left Kuwait in 2016 with the Syrian wife.

‘According to the Director of the Criminal Evidences Department, authorities already know the location of the suspects and it’s just a matter of time that they will be arrested,” stated Villa who vowed that they will pursue the case.

Source: Arab Times

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