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Man swindles 3 Kuwaiti women out of KD40,000
July 4, 2017, 4:41 pm

Three young Kuwaiti women have accused a Gulf national of scamming them separately out of KD 40,000 through sweet talk and promises to marry them. The man reportedly used social media to befriend the three women in different locations and, through romantic pursuits, made each of them believe he was deeply in love with them.

Once he became sure they were truly infatuated with him and believed his sweet talk, he told each that his old father was suffering from physical ailments and needed financial assistance for his treatment. The first woman took out a loan of KD20,000 and handed him the money while the second offered him KD15,000 and the third KD5,000.

However, after he secured the cash, he faded out of their lives and refused to take their calls. As they insisted on keeping their relationships with him, he threatened to expose them publicly if they harassed or contacted him again, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Tuesday.

The young women refused to be intimidated by the threats and reported him to the police, with none aware of the other two cases. A manhunt was launched and the swindler was eventually arrested in Saad Al Abdullah area.

During his questioning, he admitted that he had swindled the three young women and added that he had spent most of the scammed money on buying expensive mobiles and renting fancy cars. The Gulf national was referred to the competent authorities for legal action, a security source said.

Source: Gulf News

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