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Mama Lita – Taste of Mexico
January 4, 2016, 2:07 pm

Mama Lita is the brainchild of a Kuwaiti Mexican and a Mexican Chef. The restaurant is everything you could want in your local taco joint. With homemade crispy taco shells to chicken and beef tacos, it is all there. The food is perfectly spiced, with no overpowering flavors. And, best of all, their night hours make them the perfect late night snack place.

Beginning with some of their specials in breakfast, you could try their Mexican special burritos; flour tortillas wrapped with refined beans cheese and eggs of your choice.  Their specialty nachos are made of ground beef, served with pico de gallow, guacamole and sour cream. Also on their home style Mexican breakfast menu they have Chilaquiles which are prepared out of red or green salsa poured over crispy corn tortillas served with two eggs and beans.

For appetizers, they have Mama Lita fries with melted cheddar cheese and an option to add your own taste of meat. You can also order their Quesadillas; two fresh flour grilled tortillas with cheese.

On their sandwich menu, they have the diet breakfast club sandwich; a three piece slice of brown toast with two slices of ham, two slices of tomato, two slices of white egg yolk, fresh lettuce and light sliced cheese. You should give a try to their Italian sandwich which includes mortadella, hot dog lettuce, onion green bell pepper mayo and ketchup shredded cheese.

For main dish, try their chili rellenos; stuffed roasted fresh chili with cheese and eggs, served with rice and beans or burrito.  Their carne con chili vered is also delicious; cube beef chopped with potatoes mixed with three kinds of roasted green chilies and tomatoes and seasoned with Mexican spices.

Entering a Mexican restaurant and not trying the Mexican salsa is unpardonable. At Mama Lita, they have a variety of Mexican salsas from chili verde to chili con rajas con gueso. Chili verde includes green chili’s with roasted tomatoes onion and garlic. Pico de gallo, includes cilantro, tomatoes, green chili, onions and lime juice.

For dessert they have regular and stuffed churros, which is a fried dough pastry based snack.

If you wish to try a warm drink in this chilly winter, there is always the famous American coffee and if you are in for a thrilling cold drink, then try their horchata, which is a traditional beverage made of ground almonds, sesame seeds and rice barley. Or if you are not in a mood to experiment, you could always go for some ice tea.

Mama Lita is located on Street 10, Block 1 in Mahboula. You can contact them on 96968333 or order on 

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