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November 6, 2016, 9:45 am

Since 2002, Maki has been well-known for bringing to Kuwait and the Middle East a version of Japanese cuisine that is unique, tasteful, delicious, but most of all affable to the Middle Eastern palate. Since Maki’s mission is to bring to guests an unequaled, unique and entertaining dining experience, the founders and Chefs are constantly hard at work sourcing new, healthful, delicious ingredients and experimenting with various food-pairing combinations to come up with a perfectly delicious, healthy dish. From the same institution that conceived healthful delicacies such as Amer Maki, Tara II Maki, and Oliver Shiromi Sashimi comes a whole new array of dishes. These dishes are not only delicious and healthy, but it is also the first time red quinoa is being integrated into Japanese cuisine in Kuwait, and the region for that matter. At Maki, expect the most delightful of dishes.

Popoular dish: J-Lo Sashimi, thin slices of salmon and white fish with special citrus sauce, topped with sesame and spring onion.

Location: The M2 in Salhiya (2247 9721), The Avenues (2259 7122), Marina Waves (2224 4560) and Burj Jassem, (2290 1010). 

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