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Makeup tricks
January 4, 2018, 4:32 pm

Makeup pros have learnt the best techniques and a whole slew of tricks that make a huge difference in the way they apply makeup. Here are some tips the pros use to get flawless makeup.

Warm up your foundation: Don’t apply your base straight from the tube onto your face. Always put foundation on the back of your hand first and allow the warmth of your skin to transfer to the foundation. Fake looking awake: When applying concealer, always blend and buff any remaining product just past the edge of your eyes in an upward motion. This instantly mimics an uplifted, brightened effect around the eyes, making it look like you got eight hours of sleep.

Maximize mascara: Do more than just lengthen lashes, use your mascara wand to tightline your upper lids by pressing it down at the base of the lashes. It eliminates the liner step.

Pass on powder: Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a staple for flawless makeup, you don’t have to use it if you don’t have to. Instead, use a light sweep of bronzer in all the same places powder would go. Since they are made from basically the same ingredients, they will both set and hold product in place. It’s just that bronzer has pigment and a smaller amount of dusty particles.

Think beyond lipstick: If you are one of those who dislike lipstick, fake a simple nude lip with some unexpected products. You can use a taupe eyebrow pencil as lip liner, since the color is that perfect contour tone to define lips. Then, pair that with a rose-gold cream highlighter all over your lips. Just remember to wipe down the pencil and highlighter with a little hand sanitizer in between using them on your face and lips to avoid contamination. Also, you can use a flesh-toned eyeliner to outline the lips along the Cupid’s bow, this reduces the chance of feathering and makes lips appear fuller. Another trick is to apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips to give your lips a lift.

Simplify the smoky eye: This is the easiest technique for when you want a smoky eye, use one shadow and three different brushes to get a different amount of product on different areas of the lid. Use a flat brush on the lid, a domed brush in the crease and outer corner, and a smudge brush along the upper and lower lash lines. The end result looks much more detailed and complicated than it actually is.

Knock out dark circles: Completely FYI, your undereye concealer is probably the wrong color. Go for a product that will color correct and cover raccoon eyes in one quick and easy step.

Find the perfect two blush shades: Apply two shades of blush for the perfect flush of youth. Pink, or anything in the red family should be placed on the apple of the cheek; it will give the effect of blood coming to the surface. Peach, coral, or anything in the orange family should be applied to the highest point of the cheekbone; that gives the effect of heat rising. Finish by bringing a matte bronzer to the skin where sun hits the face (forehead, cheekbone, bridge of nose, and chin).

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